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Anna Liesemeyer

How to walk through miscarriage together as a family...


Natalie Borton

How moving past an eating disorder inspired a lifestyle brand for women…


Mandy Farnsworth

How childhood wounds can be transformed into a new dynamic between sisters…

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Hi, I’m Mary Beth, your host of The Everyday Project podcast. I’m a recovering legalist, perfectionist, and performer who, by the grace of God, is learning daily what it means to live every day free.

I’m a book nerd, an aspiring long distance runner, a fighter in breaking the chains of addiction and abuse, a believer in therapy, an advocate for honesty, a wife, and a homeschooling mother of 4. My goal is to light a fire under the women who listen to these episodes. I want you, yes YOU, to begin caring and cultivating something really important: your own life. And then I’d love to see you (I’m looking right at you) go spend that life on a hurting, thirsty world, who needs you to show up and give back what you’ve been given.


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