A place for everyday women to believe more is possible.

A place for everyday women to believe that more is possible.

Hi, I’m Mary Beth, your host of The Everyday Project podcast.

I come from the cornfields of Delaware with hair raising revival meetings, a deep love of the earth, and an appreciation for good old fashioned work. I grew up the oldest daughter of 14 children. I never attended a formal educational setting till the age of 17, but books and Google have gotten me through many a learning curve.

I’m a recovering legalist, perfectionist, and expert performer who, by the grace of God, is learning what it means to live every day free.

I run this podcast from the suburbs of Atlanta with a house full of kids, a sink full of dishes, and a driving passion to help women break chains and find their purpose.


Perhaps He is shaping you to fix your eyes on things above, so you will be reminded of His love, His promises, and how no matter what happens there is still more to come.

- morgan harper nichols