Before We Leave You, Little House...


It's beginning to look as if our SC days are numbered. Closings fall through and plans change of course, but I don't want the last day to creep up on us without having documented the little moments around this house.


There is so much to remember here...babies brought home and a baby lost. First steps and first words. Horrible fights and lots of growing up. Late nights putting up sheet rock and laying down floors during Christmas. Meals eaten on the bathroom floor as the kitchen saw dust settled. Hair cuts and clothes folded. Books read and bottoms wiped.


Just as the house transformed in the years we poured into it, so have we. As I look around this house and all that we poured into it with our own two hands, I smile. It feels good to leave an imprint on a place and visibly see the changes. It feels good to know we were faithful. That we plugged away even when it was downright hard and we were so tired we couldn't tell you when the day ended and the morning began. I hope we always remember that. That the cultivation of the soul is what is important, no matter the method God uses to accomplish it. We can set out to do the job He's given us. We can stop trying to be the heroin or the one who takes credit when we realize our lives are in His creative hands.


Every day has literally been a blur in the past few weeks that I've hardly had a chance to think about the future. Each day is a mission to complete. A huge checklist of meals eaten, appointments kept, house showings shown, baseboards painted, books read, vitamins taken, showers completed, pajamas found, and kisses given. Ever feel like that?


 I pat my growing belly and tell bèbè to hang on just a little longer. I tell him how I'm not sure if he'll ever see the inside of this house, or if he'll be born a Georgian or a South Carolinian. I tell him to hang on, that we're almost to the finish line. I tell him to keep moving, so I know he's ok in there. I love that he is beginning to know my voice, regardless of where he is delivered and which house we bring him home to, I take great pride in knowing he'll know me like no one else. Just as I'll know him.


^^^The end of another long week coming to a close. It was somewhere around 10pm and we had a lone schooner awake eating cereal, an island full of spackling tools and screws, heavy eyes, and a few projects to complete before the drive back to Atlanta. I document it because these in-between moments in this house are important. They are what make us, grow us, change us.

Before we leave, I want to remember all of that.

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