Soccer Mom


Steven and I are so not the sporty types, but we are working on giving our children a well-rounded scope of life. Thus, soccer this past spring. It took all of three weeks for my competitive juices to kick in and I couldn't sit idly by while three and four-year-olds wandered off the field. If you can picture a mum with a baby on her hip yelling out instructions during practices, much to no one's embarrassment because the girls were off in a field picking flowers and all the mums were talking respectively behind the sidelines, then you've got me pegged. (Oddly enough, Steven never wanted to meet me on the fields and the coaches never looked in my direction.)

It took 6 games before Keller realized it is okay to steal the ball from the other team, and we maaaaaay have bribed him with ice cream to get that far, but on the last game of the season that we were in town for, he SCORED. While in the middle of jumping up and down and yelling it totally hit me.

I am a soccer mom.

Mary Beth